Service for Its Own Sake

Everyone knows that good customer service is a critical ingredient to business success (excluding your local cable company, whose quasi monopoly enables sadistic abuse of customers with impunity). But client service is often viewed as a chore—as a sort of unappetizing “health food” that has to be tolerated to achieve some other goal: keeping a […]

Facebook’s Interest-Specific Newsfeeds: An Opportunity

This past October, Facebook rolled out its initial testing of interest-specific newsfeeds. Think of the current newsfeed as a newspaper, only with all the articles jumbled together without sections. This feature would now give users the chance to view different sections, or feeds, specific to interests they select. According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, this new […]

Why A/B Test?

“Every experience consumers have can be made a little bit better,” says Marc Andreessen, founder of Andreessen Horowitz. He’s right, today’s digital atmosphere offers nearly limitless opportunity for the optimization of content and design. Instant analytics from digital experiments allows for more actionable insights and data-driven strategy. Though it can be an arduous task, A/B […]

Enterprise Software: A Trillion Dollar Opportunity? co-founder and CEO Aaron Levie published a terrific piece last night outlining the thesis that enterprise software is on the path to being a trillion dollar market. His argument is basically an extension of what Marc Andreessen laid out years ago in his famous Wall Street Journal op-ed from 2011: software is “eating” the […]